International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

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Operational support for USAID-Feed The Future (FTF) Partners’ Projects –Jan-March 2014 Support IWMI to take on additional responsibilities in the monitoring and evaluation of the USAID Feed the Future Partners’ projects funded under the CGIAR/IWMI mechanism (i.e. IWMI/ReSAKSS, CCARDESA, SADC-RAP, SADC-SEED, FANRPAN, and ReNAPRI); and to collaborate with USAID Southern Africa and the grantee partners in the following areas:

(i) Combined WorkPlan and Budget Development;

(ii) Grant/Project Monitoring and Evaluation; and

(iii) Combined quarterly and annual reporting.

USAID would like Grantee and IWMI-SA workplans to be more focused and include a results framework with a specific food security goal; and a monitoring and evaluation plan that identifies indicators required to capture the results and impacts of all activities being implemented.

IWMI/ReSAKSS-SA would like to, specifically, contract an M&E consultant to handle this task. Specifically the M&E consultant will liaise with the partners to operationalize the combined FTF workplan and budget for FY2013-14; develop a monitoring plan and indicators in line with the FTF indicators; prepare combined monthly, quarterly and annual reports for all partners and submit to USAID Southern Africa.

  • Date: July 2, 2011
  • Contract No: 4500021010
  • Date: : July-Dec 2014