Game Changers

Hon. Dr Akin Adesina

When you listen to Dr Akin Adesina deliver an address on what he believes and has done to transform African Agriculture and development landscape – there is no doubt that he is one the key game changers in African development. When you listen to him – you hear a true son of Africa with a deep yearning to innovate and create new products and pathways for transforming Africa – beginning from what we have at present to design “the future we want. Akin speaks with conviction, belief and urgency.

Fred Kalibwani

A transformational development expert with over 23 years’ experience in the practice of value-based development that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Dorothy Kalibakate

Development management Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in promoting natural resource management; with special emphasis on policy and practice changes that aim to increase the delivery of benefits from the environment and natural resources and agriculture to the poor.