What we provide

Smiling kidThe International Development Policy Research Centre (IDPRC) was established for five reasons:

  1. To provide a one-stop international, Africa-based, point of call for best-bet development policy options and advice, in all sectors, that will trigger sustainable growth in Africa
  2. To profile and link all leading development experts across Africa – and provide an active who-is-who in development – to serve as a “community of practice” and a “think-tank” that will lead Africa to a new level
  3. To provide an active platform for proactive evidence-based development policy debate in Africa, based on African trends, that will serve as a multi-stakeholder interface for reducing hunger and poverty in Africa
  4. To harness the skills of the existing development community of practice for building the capacity of different sectors of society to undertake policy research and analysis, and to advocate for policy change that will transform African societies
  5. Champion value-based development, as a brand, across Africa (as opposed to copy-cat development) as the legitimate basis for societal transformation