Global Development Policy Research Centre (GDPRC)

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Establishing a one-stop center of excellence for innovation and adaptation in Africa to lead proactive research for home-grown and context-specific social-economic development policy for Africa.

Component III aims to establish a one-stop center of excellence for innovation and adaptation that will serve as a collective point for amplifying existing innovating centers – and creating a center of international repute in Africa that can serve as source of technical advice, policy options and expertise in development. This is aimed at reducing the overdependence of Africa on western multi-lateral and bilateral institutions for development options. This component will involve six main activities:

  1. Identifying an African Partner Institution(s) willing to host the center – through a peer review mechanism
  2. Developing a medium term strategic plan and programme for the center
  3. Developing a capacity building and training programme for the center and marketing it across the continent
  4. Developing a consultancy service for the center, and providing development advisory services across the continent
  5. Establishing a permanent home and permanent funding cycle for the center
  6. Developing accreditation partnerships