Community of Practice

  • community of practice

Profiling and building a “critical mass” of a branded “community of practice” of transformational development leaders, experts and professionals – known as “the Evidence Group” – to serve as a reference point and “think-tank” for value-based transformational development in Africa.

Component II is aimed at establishing who the movers and shakers in African development are and involves four activities:

  1. Identifying 10-20 leading development experts per country (for at least 25 countries) including development experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and innovators across various sectors, through a peer review mechanism
  2. Developing a database for profiling the identified experts on the web and profiling them on a central website
  3. Organising “think-tank” meetings and events annually for the identified experts to analyse past events and provide strategic direction for the short and medium term
  4. Accessing and publishing documents, papers and previous publications from this community practice on a common website to serve as reference materials